A sincere thanks

I just want to express my since thank you to you and to Sheryl. Thank you Elaine for always being very welcoming and approachable.

Kindly extend my thank you to Sheryl for always being welcoming, encouraging and ever so gentle in her approach to the lessons. What I actually enjoyed with Sheryl is her genuine nature. She really has a natural flair for connecting with people. She is encouraging- her guidance comes from a good place and one can tell she is very knowledgeable and is an expert in her field. She makes lessons, fun. Learning in a fun way makes one to remember when one is alone and reflecting. I would hope all the individuals that come through to voice clinic get to have the same experience and learn from an individual who has the genuine interest in seeing one grow and achieve. She truly gives one the tools to use anywhere in order to succeed.

Wishing the team at voice clinic the best.

Kind regards
Baphilile Zungu | Resource and Demand Manager- Young Talent team | Africa Technology:

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