An Amazing Program!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Voice Clinic for delivering an amazing programme. Over the past 9 weeks I believe that there has been a tangible change in my life and it was a change that I did not expect.

The facilitator was the most charismatic, passionate, inspirational and learned facilitator that I have had the pleasure of engaging with. I have not only improved my vocal skills but I have also improved my quality of life. This has brought about a change and a desire for a new beginning which I felt that I left behind some time ago. It is no longer like looking through a glass window but rather having the ability to grasp what is there in front of me, which I believe only a person like Shelley could have done with her coaching approach.

One thing is for sure is that I am a different person since my time at the Voice Clinic.

Best wishes to the Voice Clinic Team who are passionate and exemplify such integrity in what they deliver.

Kind Regards,

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