Individual Voice Feedback

Hi Monique
As I mentioned to you in our initial meeting, I had this course on my personal to-do list for many years. Looking back I am very sorry that I did not act on it sooner. The course turned out to be one of the most rewarding personal experiences I have ever embarked on. I was very apprehensive at first… being an A-type and exposing your weaknesses do not generally go well together. But, the facilitator was absolutely amazing!!! It is very rare to meet such a fantastic teacher and mentor. Someone who can put you at easy and challenge you at the same time. She made me laugh like a child again and reason like an adult. I hope to be in her class again in future!
The sessions we had were thought provoking and fun. I looked forward to every single one of them. I expected tao see (hear) a change in my voice, but definitely did not expect the course to have such an overwhelmingly positive effect on my confidence, stress levels (I even have fewer wrinkles!!), the way in which I manage conflict situations and my approach to speaking (and listening!) in general.
In addition to the course in itself, I only have compliments for all the people I met along the way. The professionalism of your team is exemplary. Bev was amazing at scheduling every session and showed a sincere interest in my wellbeing. 
My warmest regards to all.


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