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I hope this email finds you well. I am delighted to introduce myself to you, My name is Felicia Buthelezi and I have been in business since the age of 22. Thank you for the wonderful book you have written for women. It gave me so much hope and also unpacked the things that has been holding me back. I always knew I am talented and gifted but sometimes I will down play myself to avoid threatening other women around me.

I have also realised that my background has so much contribution in that. I was raised in a home where you are not expected to voice your opinions and openly expressed yourself. I have identified that communication problem in me, I realised that it has little problem with the fact that English is my second language, I could not articulate my point in my language. To explain something , I would give you too much information that will end up confusing the listener.

My first cleaning business was safe for me. It didn’t demand so much presentation but I was on demand for public speaking to share my experience. I would write and read every word to avoid making fun of myself or forget my lines due to overwhelming fear.

Reading your book has affirmed me. You too me through a spiritual journey of a woman. Your openness and authenticity has affirmed me in a true sense of the word. I couldn’t put the book down. You have feed my soul and I am ready to face the word with braveness. I have done it but not the way I should.

I have just found myself in media, working on a never tried concept called” I do brand”. It focuses on promoting healthy marriage and happy homes. The brand houses the magazine and the annual awards called I do awards that celebrates love and marriage. It is exciting but it requires one to be confident and the ability to communicate and articulate yourself well. What I appreciate more about you is that you have also touched on the importance of family, that came out very strongly. I thank you for that. Most successful women never discuss that part of their lives hence, so many young successful ladies are not taking their families serious and are struggling to feel whole and content.

I love the part when you say “ when you want to be heard you need to be able to hear yourself first” that was profound. The speech or interview loose the WOW factor because I over plan it and want to remember word for word. It usually lacks that natural flow – My voice is beautiful and powerful but it is not consistent throughout my talk. It is controlled by my emotions.

Thank you so much for your book, It is packed with wisdom that every woman needs. It is more than a voice empowering book but a woman’s journey.

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