Our Voice Clinic Family

Hi Polly,

I know that when I do well, Philippa tells head office about it. I think it's finally time for me to tell you what a wonderful manager she is.

I don't like having bosses, which is why I became a freelancer of sorts. But Philippa is a pleasure to work for and to work with. She is fair and understanding, and if I have a problem with a client, she is the first one I go to, because I can trust her to support me. I am grateful to have her and all of my future managers will be measured against her.

While on the topic of supportive colleagues, When Busi is on lunch or on leave, the office comes to a stand still. She is all knowing and all doing in our little branch.

Fisani is often out of the way but when she appears, she has a ready smile and is always busy helping and maintaining.

I love our little office, it feels like family. I appreciate being a part of The Voice Clinic and especially being a part of the Durban team.


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