Testimonial from Joyce Smith

I had two 'public appearances' since I completed my course with you. The first one was on Good Friday. I was a cantor and had to sing a psalm at church.

There was about 500 people in church that day, and I could see how I was capturing the attention of the congregation. Needless to say I got numerous compliments even though I did not expect any.

Yesterday, we had a role play at Unisa which is part of the course I am doing. Mine was last on the list. I was so afraid the students would be tired by then, but again I managed to wake them up by the way I was presenting. The clarity of voice was there, the pauses, the pronunciation, the intensity of emotions, the richness of the sound and just everyting needed to make my presentation interesting. Even my r's came out rolling in a natural way. Maybe you still remember how I struggled to pronounce the r sound. And again I received many positive feedback. The lecturer was even smiling and nodding her head in approval. I think I am a real drama queen now! My interaction in class is so much better.

I know the secret behind all of this is the breathing technique. I have to mention I have lots of confidence now when presenting. The butterflies are still there, but it is manageble.

I still have to improve my writing skills, especially the grammar and tenses. Somehow, I will do a course in that too.

A humble thank you once again Taryn.

Stay well.

Joyce Smith

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