The Best Investment I have Ever Made!

When I first came to the Voice Clinic to enquire about your courses in December 2014, I was not really expecting much. However, enrolling for the Individual voice and pronunciation and Power speaking programmes was the best investment that I have ever made.

What makes these two courses great is the expert facilitator, who gently guided me on a journey of self-discovery without feeling inadequate or intimidated in any way. At the completion of the courses, I had discovered a voice and a confidence that I never thought I had. Now, almost two years down the line, I have seen tremendous growth in my personal and professional life, which would not have been possible, if it was not for the role that the facilitator played in my life – helping me to discover the gem inside, the real me.

Please kindly convey my gratitude to the facilitator. She is an excellent facilitator and may she keep up the good work! I hope she will continue to transform lives, the way she transformed mine.

Kind regards,


Chipo Mlambo, PhD │ Director – AIFFA Training Institute

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