Thank You Voice Clinic

The incredible people I encountered, at The Voice Clinic, have been named in my appreciation below as I feel that each of them deserves recognition.
I wanted to build my confidence in job interviews. A career guidance coach advised me to contact The Voice Clinic. I had driven past The Voice Clinic many times but never knew what it was about. After contacting them, a very professional, friendly and thorough course advisor, Nicholas Bolt, assessed me. He suggested that I sign up for their Individual Voice and Interview Skills Programme. Although I found it quite pricey, I decided to go for it, based on my trusted source and my meeting with Nicholas. Everything was arranged in no time by their very friendly and efficient organiser, Kimberley Leonard.
One of their esteemed voice coaches was assigned to coach me, and well, she changed my life. A very special lady, named Sheryl Aarons, took me under her wing and taught me valuable skills to boost my confidence, which I will always be grateful to her for. This incredibly skilled coach greeted me at the door with warmth and exuberance. She sat down with me, listened carefully to my frustrations and tailored the course to suit my needs. Two of the first exercises we did made me realise how I was projecting myself to other people. The first was an exercise where she recorded my voice as it was and then again after she taught me just a few skills. She then stood me in front of a mirror and explained the importance of body language and stance. I realised I really needed to change and I knew that she was the person to guide me in the right direction.
I looked forward to every meeting with her and took in everything she taught me. I did my homework and practiced my new skills in interviews. I started analysing what I was saying and doing in each interview and could feel an improvement after each one.
I would like to thank all the people I have mentioned.
I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to boost their confidence in presenting themselves to others.
Warm regards,

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