Token of Appreciation

I know this is long overdue but the hectic start of campus took it's toll on me over the last few weeks. I just wanted to say that I am truly grateful for the wonderful lessons I received from The Voice Clinic during my summer term holiday. Not only has my voice projection and resonance improved, my confidence in my voice and my unique accent has improved drastically. I no longer feel intimidated by others with different accents. I am truly proud of my own voice.

I cannot thank the facilitator, my vocal coach, enough for everything she has taught me in every one of our sessions. She helped me use my voice to its full potential and she has improved my confidence within myself and my voice more than anyone else. She always says that a persons voice is a reflection of the inner person. If you have a low self-confidence, you can be sure it will come out in your voice in one way or another.

Once again, I am truly thankful for the lessons I have learnt through the voice school and it's amazing coach , Pualine, whom I was assigned to. I would recommend anyone to attend the voice school and this is simply because of the fact that the lessons that are taught are self-enhacing and life-lasting.

Kind regards
Nusrah Jawoodien  

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