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HiPo Corporate Programs

Excited Corporate Team

HiPo Program

Human Potential is Exponential.

UNLOCKING HUMAN POTENTIAL in teams drives performance improvement from within; boosts energy and activity; and promotes innovation.

Dates on application. min 10- max 20 delegates per group. Price per person.

  • The HiPo Acceleration Program provides a launchpad for talented individuals and teams to accelerate their personal development through Teamwork and Collaboration; development of Business Communications (speaking); Customer Service Mindset; and Mindfulness and Stress Management.

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    10 Commandments of Stress Management

    Stress and Anxiety accounts for more sick days than any other ailment combined and negatively affects performance of individuals and teams..

    Stress management in the workplace encompasses a wide spectrum of techniques aimed at managing a person's level of stress to improving everyday functioning. It’s for anyone who is performance or deadline-driven that seeks to optimise decision making, energy and enthusiasm and general day to day performance.

    Dates on application. min 10- max 20 delegates per group. Price on Application.

    • Module Content: 

      • What is stress? How to identify personal stress triggers or hooks.
      • Proactive and Reactive Behavior.
      • Choosing ones own response to stressful situations.
      • Self Image.
      • Skills and techniques to ensure the creation, development and maintenance of a positive self image.
      • Conflict Resolution/Management
      • Communication skills to reduce stress and resolve conflict in relationships.
      • Time Management.
      • The use of a diary, prioritizing tasks, the wheel of life – achieving a balance between work and recreation to reduce stress and tension.
      • And much, much, more....

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    Men's Empowerment - Understanding Empowered Women

    Empower the men in your business to acknowledge the vital role they play in creating an environment that fosters equality, communication and success.

    Women’s Empowerment for Men - 1-day program for real men in business. 

    Women’s Empowerment for Men is a life changing journey of self discovery and realisation that we are harbouring unconscious prejudice against women. Let us stand up for what is right and be an example for others to follow…

    Dates on application. min 10- max 20 delegates per group. Price on Application.

    • Participation of women in leadership leads to optimised decision-making and business outcomes.
    • Companies that invest in Women’s Empowerment gain a consequential competitive advantage.
    • Companies that perform best financially have the greatest number of women in leadership roles.
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