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Book Review: Make Yourself Heard

Our voice is one of our most powerful “tools” that we have. The quality, resonance and pitch of our voice and how we use it has a subtle, yet significant impact on the impression we create.
And women’s voices tend to be higher in pitch and softer in volume, in general. This, in the fast paced and dynamic world we live and work in, means that they may not be heard as much as they would like to be. And being heard today is a key part in positioning yourself and influencing others.
Monique Rissen-Harrisberg shares many useful tips aimed at women, in her delightful and easy to read book, “Make Yourself Heard. How to talk, act and dress your way to success.” She is the founder of “The Voice Clinic” and her passion for and knowledge of the voice and improving its performance in a holistic manner, is demonstrated throughout the book.

Monique covers the challenges that women in particular may experience in a male-dominated workplace, and how, just by the simple focus of the way you sit in a board room and the way you project your voice, you can be taken much more seriously. She explores not only your voice, but also how you dress, hold your body, the self confidence you project and how polished you are in terms of managing your time, finances and work/life balance.
“Make Yourself Heard” has a technical section explaining how the vocal instrument works, and techniques and exercises – like the correct breathing for speaking – that you can practice at home. It also covers the aspects of public speaking, from how to put a speech together and the preparation needed (with handy checklists to keep in mind), to how to influence and engage your audience.
Throughout the book, Monique shares stories from her own life and case studies of clients, which bring through her points clearly. And she aims to inspire! Even though as a person who works in the personal development space I found it a bit much at times, I do believe that those less familiar with aspects of personal growth will find many nuggets that will not only motivate them to work on themselves more, but also give them very practical steps to start the wonderful and rewarding journey.
Read “Make Yourself Heard” if you want help with:
  • Projecting your voice
  • Improving the quality of your voice, in terms of pitch and musicality, especially if you are a woman
  • How to write and develop a speech
  • What to prepare and organize when asked to give a speech (handy checklists)
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Understanding how your voice is a key component to the image you project

- Telana