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Let’s say your relationship is on the rocks. You’ve been trying to work things out...

Tune in Tonight!.

Kevin McKerr our CRO will be on SABC 3 tonight at 18:00 talking about Voice and Accent.

"I watched! Wow. I loved it! I love what you guys are doing, the vision."

"I am not my Accent"Or am I? When I saw the synopsis of an upcoming show on Real Talk with Anele where they were going to talk about language discrimination, I asked the team and our readers for their thoughts. What a can of worms it opened.
Waiting on hold with an airline, cable provider or credit card company is a reliably irritating experience. So reliable, in fact, that researchers decided to study it—and might have come up with a fix, according to a recent study.
I am convinced from my own experience that music has a powerful effect on changing one's current mood, stress levels, and the ability to feel engaged, upbeat and to communicate better as well as a profound effect on energy.