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The Voice Clinic Express Workshops designed for managers, sales staff, personal assistants and secretaries, is a perfect opportunity to sharpen communication skills. Monique Harrisberg, voice and communications expert, and CEO of The Voice Clinic says, “Our action- packed workshops scheduled for four hours, are the perfect opportunity for executives with really busy schedules, to join us for some training. Time is money' and it’s a way of giving out clients express training and a rev up. It helps them to further identify areas where they may require more involved skills development,” Harrisberg added.




The Express Workshops provide useful  tips to improve voice and presentation skills in and around the work place. “In a working environment employees need to communicate in a way that inspires confidence, credibility and conviction. The voice, image and body language, all need to combine to create credibility,” says Harrisberg. Attending these workshops, identifying communication problem areas, which can be rectified with the correct individual voice training and powerspeaking programmes offered at The Voice Clinic.


“Excellent communication depends not only on your voice but also on your levels of confidence and self- esteem,” says Harrisberg. “The Voice Clinic Express Workshops will improve confidence, giving useful tips on how to handle difficult clients and colleagues, as well as guidelines on how to improve your overall image. The Voice Clinic Express Workshop will be your first step towards personal empowerment, building a professional image, with more confidence and self- esteem, as well as identifying your voice development needs.”


“The secret of women’s success lies in the power of the feminine. Women often believe they need to deny their emotional being and be strong and bold. Yes, we need to be strong, bold and confident but we also need to embrace our feminine skills and attributes,” says Harrisberg. “Our professionally trained facilitators will teach you how to achieve a balance and an empowered style of conduct you need in the tough world out there,” Harrisberg said. So come along and make yourself heard !


Visit our websitewww.thevoiceclinic. Call Liz on 021 423 23488 or e-mail her atliz@voiceclinic.co.za, to book your seat today. The cost is R1190 excluding VAT and includes handouts, refreshments and prizes.