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Public speaking skills are as important as any politician’s sincerity a sin the case of Mamphela Ramphele who announced the launch of a new political party, Agang, realizes. “Her political aspirations and journey to build the country of our dreams, her use of word words, body language, and gestures can be the difference between getting the people’s favour towards winning the election and her ideals not getting the attention it needs.

According to Monique Harrisberg, CEO and voice and communications expert of The Voice Clinic the importance of being an accomplished public speaker like Ms Ramphele cannot be underestimated. “ The ability to connect and communicate well through speech is essential for building good relationships with the people of South Africa,“ says Harrisberg. “Every time we speak, we reveal so much about ourselves. Ramphela captured the attention of South Africans with her heartwarming speech to announce the new political party. She invited South African citizens on a journey to build the country of their dreams recalling the patience and quiet dignity waiting in long queues to cast their very first vote as citizens of a free South Africa, remembering the tears of joy when everyone watch our first president, Mr. Mandela being honored and his inspired speech that called South Africans to action.

“Over the next couple of months Ramphela will possibly make the most important speeches of her life. Hers persuasive powers, voice, image, body language and ability to connect with voters, will ultimately be a decisive factor in the success of the new party,  “explains Harrisberg.

Harrisberg says the following tips are vital addressing an audience :

·        Learn how to relate in a confident and competent manner, that is true empowerment.

·        Personal appearance is often an emotional stressor for women so make sure you project the right image

·        Vary vocal pace, tone, and volume, a monotone voice is like fingernails on the chalkboard.

·        Punctuate words with gestures.Gestures should complement your words in harmony. Tell them how big the fish was, and show them with your arms.

·        Obey time constraints .Customize your presentation to fit the time allowed, and respect your audience by not going over time.

Harrisberg describes Ramphela as a searcher who is not giving up of dreaming of a better tomorrow especially for black rural women in South Africa.  She says Ramphela is focussed on the failures of our present government to build an education and training system to prepare the youth of South Africa for the 21st century.

Ramphela uses her public speaking to invite young and old to re-imagine the country of their dreams and she is using her voice to build a bridge between her generation, who fought for freedom and that of her children. During her public speaking sessions, Ramphele invites people to join the new party that will seek to work with others to reduce the fragmentation in the political landscape and focus on putting the country first. She addresses corruption, nepotism and patronage which have all become the hallmarks of the conduct of many. “Ramphela is a very confident speaker. She articulates very well and conveys sincerity, as well as integrity. Her style of speaking conveys her confidence and sincerity,” Harrisberg said.

Harrisberg who wrote “Make Yourself Heard”, a step by step guide, to empower the women of South Africa, says that Ramphele an outstanding leader, who has proven her leadership in her business ventures, will gain more power for the women of South Africa using public speaking as the platform to address the people of South Africa.

“Ramphele acts the part, has mastered her emotions and knows her audience and has no fear to speak.”“Voice, image and body language all combine to create credibility in the form of trustworthiness and expertise,” says Harrisberg. “Your voice affects how serious you are taken, how respected you are and will affect the results you will achieve,” she concludes.