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The Voice Clinic, one of the world’s leading training companies specialising in voice, communication and public speaking skills training celebrates its 25th year in the industry this year. Founder and CEO Monique Rissen- Harrisberg started the company in 1988 and have trained more than 176 500 clients offering them a brighter future.

 The Voice Clinic is a leader and trendsetter in the communication and soft skills training industry, and has branches in Melbourne and Sydney. It has trained many top CEO’s, blue chip companies, media presenters, professional speakers, government representatives and high profile public figures.

‘Whenever we open our mouths, people assess us, judge us, formulate opinions about us” says Rissen- Harrisberg. The Voice Clinic understands precisely  how poor communication skills, an inability to present yourself or your business properly, or even something as simple as having a squeaky and irritating or monotonous or boring voice, can impede the success of a company.” You need to make sure that your voice is pleasing to the ear, confident and commanding so that when you pick up the phone to call a potential client, you don’t lose them the minute you open your mouth,” explains Rissen-Harrisberg.

Rissen Harrisberg started The Voice Clinic at the age of 23 with a BA degree in English and Drama and an honours degree in Speech and Drama. She is also associated with the Trinity College of Speech and Drama in London. Whilst lecturing soon-to-be-teachers, she realised the enormous business needs for voice training.” These were our future teachers and I could not understand a word they were saying and more worrying was the fact that they were going to teach children to speak like that as well.” At the time, there was no a single company offering voice training. With a tiny budget and limited resources Rissen-Harrisberg opened The Voice Clinic.

Rissen Harrisberg had a hard time convincing middle aged male executives that she could improve their communication skills; with only her voice to sell her idea. But it was with  her rich and modulated voice that was incredibly pleasing and convincing, that sold her idea.  So in spite of the initial challenges Rissen- Harrisberg was onto something big and today employs more than 60 people. In 1999, Rissen-Harrisberg’s husband ophthalmic surgeon Cyril Harrisberg opened The Stress Clinic, a medically aligned holistic lifestyle division of The Voice Clinic. The obvious cross-pollination between the two entities has paved the way to even greater success.

 The corporate landscape has changed and nowadays people are far more aware of how presentation and communication can make or break a business. The Voice Clinic assesses everyone from CEOs to receptionist, free of charge, to pin point their individual needs. Clients are taught breathing and relaxation techniques before developing the voice layers, paying attention to vocal resonance, pitch, variety and pauses. “The voice is a flexible instrument and can be developed and changed and if people learn how to use is properly, they will establish a rapport with whomever they speak to in whatever situation,” explains Rissen-Harrisberg. More than 176 000 satisfied clients cannot be wrong!

“Some say the pen is mightier than the sword but I think the voice is even mightier than the pen.” I am extremely proud of what The Voice Clinic has achieved over the last 25 years and I want to invite you to contact us for your free assessment so that we can turn you into a winner,” Rissen Harrisberg concluded.