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Individual Voice Training Feedback

Through this programme, I realized the potential of my voice. Is it ok to say I love the sound of my Voice? That is how I feel now, so Yes! I have a new found confidence when speaking to people. This also improved my listening skills, as I now when communicating pick up on the dynamics of the voice which I have not previously. I loved the content as well as the presentation thereof.

In terms of the Facilitator

Your facilitator is just amazing. She is truly a professional. She was always punctual and very well prepared for class (Something I value a lot). Classes were made fun, exercises relevant and coursework stimulating. I never knew my voice could sound so good. It’s like I never really used my voice properly. I used to speak very fast and this caused me not be very clear when communicating. I’ve learned the technique of pausing(amazing!), breathing and properly opening the mouth when speaking. This has helped a lot with my confidence, especially in the workplace. I now make a habit of doing my breathing exercises and standing in the mirror while doing it (great when working on the posture ).

Things I enjoyed;

· The Voice Clinic's warm-up exercises. This was very enjoyable, made me laugh and relaxed for the class. I still do the “Tee- Too” Ta-ta-ta taaa- M-M-M mooo”

· Doing readings and speeches. The Winston Churchill one remains my favorite. “To wage war by land, Air and Sea…Victory, Victory, Victory”

· The content and how it was presented. I loved the facilitator's way of teaching. A lot of emphasis on the visual and sound.

· The facilitator’s professionalism and passion. I was great to work with her. I learnt so much.

The programme gave me knew confidence, I now love and respect my voice more. I would recommend The Voice Clinic to all.

Also thanks to the facilitator for sharing her skills. I have so much respect for her as a person. She inspired and motivated me so much, and I truly value this.

Keep well.

Kind Regards

Cheswille Gelderbloem
Office of the Executive Director: Tourism, Events and Economic Development