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Executive Mindfulness Stress Buster Coaching

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Stress Reduction & Meditation!

A life-changing program that gives delegates skills and techniques in order to manage negative stress effectively, and use positive stress to achieve happiness and success in life.
(8 Sessions Online or at a Branch)

Module Content: 

  • What is stress? How to identify personal stress triggers or hooks.
  • Proactive and Reactive Behavior.
  • Choosing ones own response to stressful situations.
  • Self Image.
  • Skills and techniques to ensure the creation, development and maintenance of a positive self image.
  • Conflict Resolution/Management
  • Communication skills to reduce stress and resolve conflict in relationships.
  • Time Management.
  • The use of a diary, prioritizing tasks, the wheel of life – achieving a balance between work and recreation to reduce stress and tension.
  • Goal Setting
  • Short term, medium term and long term goals – personal plan of action to fulfill aims in life.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Nutrition and eating habits, steps to a peaceful night’s sleep, regular exercise and leisure time.
  • Stress in the Work Environment
  • The key contributors to burnout in the working environment and how to manage these .
  • Breathing and Relaxation.
  • Muscular relaxation and breathing exercises to help you cope with your stress.
  • Happiness and Well-being.
  • How to harness all the skills that have been learnt in order to achieve optimum performance and a total sense of wellness.

         10 Commandments Specific Program Outcomes :

  • Encourages the recognition and understanding of personal stress triggers and those situations which cause intense tension and stress to the individual.
  • Develops an awareness of harmful stress levels and provides coping mechanisms to manage stress positively.
  • Assists individuals in creating, enhancing and maintaining a positive self-image.
  • Develops goal setting and time management techniques to ensure that optimum performance is reached.
  • Encourages breathing and relaxation techniques in order to reduce stress and tension.
  • Demonstrate ways to work effectively with others to ensure healthy interactions and high productivity levels.
  • Encourages the enjoyment of life – both socially and in work environments – through the reduction of anxiety and tension.
  • Develops the ability to embrace lifestyle changes to promote self growth and self understanding.
  • Develops the ability to accept change, and when necessary adapt ones approach effectively within a variety of situations.
  • Identifies ways to align ones behaviour with personal needs, priorities and goals through dedication.
  • Establishes the ability to initiate and drive ones own behaviour with resilience and enthusiasm.
  • Addresses the need for continued goal directed growth and willingness to seek opportunities to acquire new knowledge for oneself.
  • Assists in identifying and understanding ones emotions, personal strengths, development areas, values, needs, interests and how these affect relationships.
  • Develops the ability to resolve disagreement in a way that is appropriate to the situation.
  • Encourages the ability to adopt a general positive outlook on life – despite setbacks and obstacles.

  Inclusive of:

 Comprehensive Training Manual, Ten Commandments of Stress Laminated Handout and Certificate of Completion.

 *Please note cancellation of training sessions need to be done 48 hours before the time

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Customer Reviews

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Sbu Gule
I am excited with my new abilities going forward!

Dear Jody

I found the content of the training and the way it was delivered excellent and very relevant to what I wanted to achieve. Sheryl is an excellent trainer. I enjoyed myself and have no doubt that what I learned today will make me far much better at interacting with people, in particular business presentations. It was a life changing experience for me.
Sbu Gule | Chairman