Executive Mindfulness Stress Buster Coaching


Stress Reduction & Meditation!

A life-changing program that gives delegates skills and techniques in order to manage negative stress effectively, and use positive stress to achieve happiness and success in life.
(5 Sessions Online / 10 Sessions at Branch)

Module Content: 

  • What is stress? How to identify personal stress triggers or hooks.
  • Proactive and Reactive Behavior.
  • Choosing ones own response to stressful situations.
  • Self Image.
  • Skills and techniques to ensure the creation, development and maintenance of a positive self image.
  • Conflict Resolution/Management
  • Communication skills to reduce stress and resolve conflict in relationships.
  • Time Management.
  • The use of a diary, prioritizing tasks, the wheel of life – achieving a balance between work and recreation to reduce stress and tension.
  • Goal Setting
  • Short term, medium term and long term goals – personal plan of action to fulfill aims in life.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Nutrition and eating habits, steps to a peaceful night’s sleep, regular exercise and leisure time.
  • Stress in the Work Environment
  • The key contributors to burnout in the working environment and how to manage these .
  • Breathing and Relaxation.
  • Muscular relaxation and breathing exercises to help you cope with your stress.
  • Happiness and Well-being.
  • How to harness all the skills that have been learnt in order to achieve optimum performance and a total sense of wellness.

         10 Commandments Specific Program Outcomes :

  • Encourages the recognition and understanding of personal stress triggers and those situations which cause intense tension and stress to the individual.
  • Develops an awareness of harmful stress levels and provides coping mechanisms to manage stress positively.
  • Assists individuals in creating, enhancing and maintaining a positive self-image.
  • Develops goal setting and time management techniques to ensure that optimum performance is reached.
  • Encourages breathing and relaxation techniques in order to reduce stress and tension.
  • Demonstrate ways to work effectively with others to ensure healthy interactions and high productivity levels.
  • Encourages the enjoyment of life – both socially and in work environments – through the reduction of anxiety and tension.
  • Develops the ability to embrace lifestyle changes to promote self growth and self understanding.
  • Develops the ability to accept change, and when necessary adapt ones approach effectively within a variety of situations.
  • Identifies ways to align ones behaviour with personal needs, priorities and goals through dedication.
  • Establishes the ability to initiate and drive ones own behaviour with resilience and enthusiasm.
  • Addresses the need for continued goal directed growth and willingness to seek opportunities to acquire new knowledge for oneself.
  • Assists in identifying and understanding ones emotions, personal strengths, development areas, values, needs, interests and how these affect relationships.
  • Develops the ability to resolve disagreement in a way that is appropriate to the situation.
  • Encourages the ability to adopt a general positive outlook on life – despite setbacks and obstacles.

         Inclusive of:

         Training Manual, Ten Commandments of Stress Laminated Handout and Certificate of Completion.

 *Please note cancellation of training sessions need to be done 48 hours before the time

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