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Being a Likeable Boss eLearning Course

The Best Investment you can Make, is in the Way you and your team Speak!

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While those who enter into Management and Leadership roles want to be genuinely liked by their team and employees that they supervise, seeking popularity for its own sake can be a dead-end path. Many have tried to lead while seeking popularity, only to find that indeed they are loved, but they are not respected. Being a  Likeable Boss does not mean you have to sacrifice respect. However, Being a Likeable Boss and a respected boss at the same time does mean you have to learn certain skills. This eLearning course helps you take the first steps on what will be a continuous journey towards becoming a more effective boss, the side effects of which are both like-ability and respect!

The eLearning Course has 12 Modules. Each Module in this eLearning Course should take you at least 30 to 60 minutes to work through for maximum benefit, and the reviews should be successfully completed to benefit from the course.

This Course includes a Certificate.

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