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Mindfulness & Stress Mastery Express Workshop

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Stress and Anxiety accounts for more sick days than any other ailment combined and negatively affects performance of individuals and teams..

Stress management in the workplace encompasses a wide spectrum of techniques aimed at managing a person's level of stress to improving everyday functioning. It’s for anyone who is performance or deadline-driven that seeks to optimise decision making, energy and enthusiasm and general day to day performance.

  • Module Content: 

    • What is stress? How to identify personal stress triggers or hooks.
    • Proactive and Reactive Behavior.
    • Choosing ones own response to stressful situations.
    • Self Image.
    • Skills and techniques to ensure the creation, development and maintenance of a positive self image.
    • Conflict Resolution/Management
    • Communication skills to reduce stress and resolve conflict in relationships.
    • Time Management.
    • The use of a diary, prioritizing tasks, the wheel of life – achieving a balance between work and recreation to reduce stress and tension.
    • Goal Setting
    • Short term, medium term and long term goals – personal plan of action to fulfill aims in life.
    • A Healthy Lifestyle
    • Nutrition and eating habits, steps to a peaceful night’s sleep, regular exercise and leisure time.
    • Stress in the Work Environment
    • The key contributors to burnout in the working environment and how to manage these .
    • Breathing and Relaxation.
    • Muscular relaxation and breathing exercises to help you cope with your stress.
    • Happiness and Well-being.
    • How to harness all the skills that have been learnt in order to achieve optimum performance and a total sense of wellness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Max Hayman
Amazing Program!

I have learned to relax and breathe while in a sticky situation. Thank you, thank you!

Hazel Rose
The Voice Clinic is the best!

Thank you for all the awesome tips I learnt while taking this workshop. The Voice Clinic is truly the best!

Stanley Saxon
1000 stars!!

I have learnt to control my anxiousness all thanks to The Voice Clinic. Thank you for changing my life!

Josh Price
Excellent Workshop

From someone who used to be so stressed to someone who breathes and takes their time in everything I do. Thank you!

Jane Smith
Stress-Free - At Last!!

I never thought that I would be able to say "stress-free" until now. The Voice Clinic has shown me the secret to 100% live a stress-free life. Thank you, thank you!!