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Collaborative Business Writing eLearning Course

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Collaborative business writing is a growing trend among industries because it is a concept that utilizes the talent and knowledge of several individuals to create one final piece of work. Since collaborative writing in the workplace can be done by several different employees, the final work can feature several different views, aspects and opinions that may not be seen if the job had been completed by one person. This concept is also helpful when companies have large projects to finish, since it can be broken down into several ‘parts’ for team members to complete individually.

This course has 12 Modules with reviews. Each Module should take at least 30 to 60 minutes for maximum benefit and all reviews and questions should be worked through.

This Course includes a Certificate.

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Module One: Getting Started
Workshop Objectives
Module Two: What is Collaborative Business Writing?
Clarifying the Objective
Practical Writing Approaches
Collaborative Writing Strategies
Collaborative Writing Patterns
Case Study
Module Two: Review Questions
Module Three: Types of Collaborative Business Writing
Construction – “Cut and Paste”
Parallel Construction – “Puzzle”
Sequential Summative Construction
Integrating Construction
Case Study
Module Three: Review Questions
Module Four: Collaborative Team Members
Team Leader Selection
Chief Editor Selection
Characteristics of Team Members
Ways to Build Collaborative Writing Team
Case Study
Module Four: Review Questions
Module Five: Collaborative Tools and Processes
Outlines and Storyboards
Collaborative Planning
Collaborative Revision
Collaborative Team Cohesion
Case Study
Module Five: Review Questions
Module Six: Setting Style Guidelines
Voice and Person
Consistent Spelling of Commonly Used Words
Numbers as Words or Figures
Case Study
Module Six: Review Questions
Module Seven: Barriers to Successful Collaborative Writing
Knowledge Transfer
Case Study
Module Seven: Review Questions
Module Eight: Overcoming Collaborative Writing Barriers
Practice T-shaped Management
Building a Network of Alliances
Implementing Enablers
Assessing the Culture and Areas for Improvement
Case Study
Module Eight: Review Questions
Module Nine: Styles of Dealing with Conflict
Ensure that Good Relationships are the First Priority
Keep People and Problems Separate
Pay Attention to the Interests that are Being Presented
Listen First, Talk Second
Case Study
Module Nine: Review Questions
Module Ten: Tips for Successful Business Writing Collaboration
Determine Purpose
Formulate Outline and Organizational Format
When Choosing a Team Leader, Remember…
Assign Writing Tasks and Associated Duties
Case Study
Module Ten: Review Questions
Module Eleven: Examples of Collaborative Business Writing
Writing Emails
Writing Reports
Writing Training Manuals
Writing Company Handbooks
Case Study
Module Eleven: Review Questions
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Words from the Wise

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Caleb Campbell
Loved the course!

The course was helpful in many ways, thank you Voice Clinic. I really loved the course!