Contact Centre Training eLearning Course

For many people, the term Contact Centre relates to sales calls and telemarketers.  There are so many avenues that a contact centre can be of assistance within a company that do not pertain to sales calls.  A contact centre can provide customer support, information technology support, and much more. The key to having a great customer experience using a contact centre is in the training. A well-trained contact centre can be the difference between gaining more customers and losing customers. Customers want a well-educated agent when they contact a business. They want to know that the person answering their questions knows what they are talking about. Training employees, and giving them the information that is needed to effectively assist the organisation's customer base is paramount.

This eLearning Course has 12 Modules with reviews. Each Module should take at least 30 to 60 minutes for maximum benefit and all reviews and questions should be worked through.

This Course includes a Certificate.

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