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Make Yourself Heard - Paperback

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A Brilliant Book, sharing all the tools, techniques & skills required to be a dynamic, confident & empowered speaker & communicator!

Your pronunciation, pace of speech and the tone you use can all influence the outcome of a conversation, both professionally & in your personal life. Monique Rissen-Harrisberg, founder and CEO of The Voice Clinic, demonstrates the importance of the way we speak and its relevance to our success in life, and that it is not only what we say, but how we say it that can make or break a deal, or lead to either success or failure. Make Yourself Heard will not only help you to find the appropriate voice so that you can speak confidently in public but will also focus on other aspects that can improve both your self-image and how you are perceived by others.


  • Advise you on how to create the best possible image and project the most powerful body language.
  • Explain how to cope with stress so that you can perform at your optimum.
  • Assist you to become self-empowered so that you can reach your goals.
  • Numerous tried-and-tested strategies and fascinating case studies will help you to improve your life- and your bank balance and if you seek self-improvement but just need that extra bit of help to make it happen, this is the essential guidebook for you.

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“This book has changed my life, it has enabled me to look at the big picture when setting my own business and developing my own personal brand and image. It has become my bible as it guided me in structuring my presentations and has taught me how to present myself in a selling situation. I now have gained the tools to be a confident manager and salesperson. All you need is to become an excellent communicator. Thank you, Monique, for all the excellent advice."

Sandy Collins – Entrepreneur and Successful Business Woman in South Africa.


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Customer Reviews

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Felicia Buthelezi
What an inspiring book!

Dear Monique,

I hope this email finds you well. I am delighted to introduce myself to you, My name is Felicia Buthelezi and I have been in business since the age of 22. Thank you for the wonderful book you have written for women. It gave me so much hope and also unpacked the things that has been holding me back. I always knew I am talented and gifted but sometimes I will down play myself to avoid threatening other women around me.

I have also realised that my background has so much contribution in that. I was raised in a home where you are not expected to voice your opinions and openly expressed yourself. I have identified that communication problem in me, I realised that it has little problem with the fact that English is my second language, I could not articulate my point in my language. To explain something , I would give you too much information that will end up confusing the listener.

I love the part when you say “ when you want to be heard you need to be able to hear yourself first” that was profound. The speech or interview loose the WOW factor because I over plan it and want to remember word for word. It usually lacks that natural flow – My voice is beautiful and powerful but it is not consistent throughout my talk. It is controlled by my emotions.

Thank you so much for your book, It is packed with wisdom that every woman needs. It is more than a voice empowering book but a woman’s journey.