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Make Yourself Heard Express Workshop

The Best Investment you can Make, is in the Way you and your team Speak!

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Project Your Voice & Your Image Confidently!

The Voice Clinic Express Workshops are designed for busy executives, secretaries and personal assistants, who would like to sharpen their skills and who do not have time to enrol in a full-day program. Webinar runs from 9h00 AM - 12h00 PM. 

Receive a R250 discount on your next full training program (excluding workshops), plus a 10% discount on CD's and books, when attending this course. 


Creating a personal presentation style in which you as the presenter feel most comfortable and confident in the negotiation process.

  •  Correct Body Language. Body language could convey the incorrect message to your client and detract from the closure of the sale, or from the relationship. It can, however, be used as a highly effective method to enhance and reinforce the content of the delivery and presentation. Effective versus ineffective body language is studied.
  •  Thinking on your Feet. Improvisation skills to assist with question and answer techniques. How to handle yourself professionally in various situations.
  •  Listening Skills. Developing Open, Active and Effective listening skills. Answering questions with confidence.
  •  Differentiating between your circle of concern and your circle of interest, to ensure that you focus on the vital tasks that need to be completed by identifying ‘Time Wasters’. Being guided in setting realistic and time-framed short-term, medium-term  Energy and Enthusiasm. How to harness all the skills developed during the course into a powerful marketing package; using the right energy levels and tone for maximum effect.

The Express Workshops are presented by our expert facilitators at all our branches.

Webinar runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

The Voice Clinic is a B-BBEE LEVEL 2 Value Added Supplier

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