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Women make up almost half the workforce, yet they are promoted to leadership positions at a rate far lower than are their male colleagues. What accounts for this leadership gap? How can organizations foster and develop women leaders? Studies show that having women in leadership positions brings many benefits to an organization, including greater accountability and a culture of work-life balance. Yet it can be difficult to determine the barriers to women’s advancement, and even more difficult to overcome them. Women's Empowerment is a crucial task in today's business and community spheres. Learning how to foster and develop women as leaders not only benefits individual employees, but can benefit individuals who empower themselves, their families and communities, and entire organizations and entities.

This course has 12 Modules with reviews. Each Module should take at least 30 to 60 minutes for maximum benefit and all reviews and questions should be worked through. NB: Although some of the expert knowledge mentions the US, it is crucial to note that in South Africa and developing nations Women's Empowerment and promotion of Women in Leadership is ever so crucial.

This Course includes a Certificate.

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