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I Am Grateful to The Voice Clinic

Wow, I am still in awe and full of gratitude to be able to have an opportunity to do training with The Voice Clinic and to meet my facilitator. She has an amazing personality, she is friendly, knowledgeable,  welcoming, and very full of humility.


When I signed up for the Emotional Intelligence EQ training, my expectations were a classroom and a projector where I will be asked questions and given some sort of tests to write but to my surprise, it was way different, exciting and I looked forward to the next session every time I finished one.

Through the course, I have learned to relate more effectively with my colleagues and others in general. It taught me to control my emotions by being aware of my breathing when I speak without being tense.

I am now able to communicate in an emotionally intelligent way because the cause instilled in me the power of breathing and using my voice correctly with confidence so that I have a positive outcome, be heard, and get the respect I deserve.

I thank you for the affirmations you spoke over me, your encouraging words, and for seeing something in me that I never saw in myself. I am grateful that the conversations we had over our sessions made me feel like I mattered, that I am capable, that I am special, and that I am worthy of greater things than I could ever imagine. Thank you for allowing me to blow my own horn and pushing me to truly believe in myself.

You created an ambiance that made me open up and gave me the ability to share my fears, my insecurities, and my deep hidden emotions that I never get to show or share with many. Talking with you was so easy it felt like I have know you my entire life.

Thank you for the gift of knowledge, and for bringing me closer to accomplishing my goal of self-confidence because I am 99.9% and could not be more proud!  

I am grateful.