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Just another ecstatic and delighted client!

I would like to express my great gratitude on the awesome course provided by The Voice Clinic. Most importantly thank you to my coach, she really made the journey easy. I like her and her great sense of humor. She made me realize my bad habits and now when I speak am I’m more aware of my tone and how I speak.

  • I must confess that I am lazy to talk as a result, my tongue was not strong enough, to voice out my speech clearly with assertion. Often, the powerful message that I wanted to bring across, would not come out powerful enough.
  • I have been told that I needed to be assertive and voice out or speak up clearly. My laziness in speaking gave the impression that I was not assertive. 
  • The voice clinic classes have helped me a lot to claim my power and regain my class, brilliance and confidence. 
  • I have learnt relaxation deep breath, resonance, low pitch, tongue twisters, pause and practice.

I promise to continue to practice this art as it will benefit me personally and professionally as well.

I will also extend my gratitude to my Absa leadership, what they did for me by assigning me to this course is beyond incredible. I had no idea there was a course like this, proud of my leaders. J



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