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Equip Your Kid with Confident, Clear Communication & Speech!

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Give your child the Gift of Good Speech. Developing Confident Communication and Public Speaking Skills is the best Investment you can make in your son or daughter.
Let Nervousness and Fear Disappear and be replaced with Confidence and Self Esteem.

Mt EverestTeenSpeak™ is a “ A FUN HOLIDAY COMMUNICATION CAMP”  , with 4 levels and 4 programmes per annum, (similar to climbing Mt. Everest – Base, Intermediate, Peak & Summit), with a certificate of completion at each level: 

Duration: Group Training at all branches. From 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. (Ages 6 - 18)

Presented by Qualified, Expert, Facilitators.
All our Facilitators have Diplomas, Degrees or Doctorates with up to 30 years experience in Voice, Psychology and Performance.

Course Content:

✔ Confidence Building.
✔ Clear Speech.
✔ Public Speaking.
✔ Self Esteem.
✔ Social Confidence.
✔ Ace Oral Presentations.
✔ Interview Techniques.
✔ Read Aloud.
Inclusive of: TeenSpeak Certificate of Completion, Refreshments and lot's of fun. 

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