Thembi Mtshali Jones in studio with Dr Cyril Harrisberg, writer and composer of the Madiba song“It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world, and at peace with myself,”  late former president Nelson Mandela once said.The world’s musical world has always embraced Madiba and he reciprocated it by always making sure that all the pivotal events in his life had an element of song.From his famous ‘Madiba jive’ to his iconic 46664 concerts, Mandela understood the power that music held.

In light of Madiba's love for music, A new  'Tribute to Madiba' was composed by  South African musician, Dr Cyril Harrisberg, for Madiba after he was hospitalised , to celebrate his life and to salute one of the greatest statesmen ever! The very popular Thembi Mtshali Jones, who sang at Madiba's 80th birthday, is the lead singer of the song. " It is a truly inspiring tribute to a great man and I am very proud to have been part of it," says Jones.I feel this song will uplift the nation. Mandela loved music and sport. This tribute song to Tata would be very fitting during this momentous time she added.
Well known South African Ophthalmologist and retired Director of South Africa’s leading communication skills training company The Voice Clinic, Dr Cyril Harrisberg, has released a song wishing our beloved Madiba well. The song and music video which has been released at the same time as the first public screening of the movie, ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’  was written and composed by Harrisberg to honour the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela.
“Like so many people from all walks of life, geographic backgrounds and differing cultures we are all great admirers of Mr. Nelson Mandela, a supreme leader of our time, who surpassed in his many roles as an astute, warm and humble person, exeptional humanitarian, extraordinary politician, lover of people and children, and a man concerned with doing things honourably,” explains Harrisberg.
“South Africa needed this type of leadership to continue and the ethos that he represented needs to be handed down,” says Harrisberg. The Greeks used the word ethos to refer to the power of music to influence its hearer's emotions, behaviours, and even moral conduct.”
I composed the Nelson Mandela Tribute Song as a tribute to the man who has done so much for humanity, to wish him well in his frail state, and to encourage the rest of our leaders and the people in our country to spread and hold on to the good values that Tata Mandela inspired in so many of us.”
Harrisberg says he dreamt the lyrics and the music for the song when he heard that Nelson Mandela was not well. Having been in ill health himself over the past 5 years, Harrisberg wants to send a message of gratitude to Madiba for what he has achieved for our Rainbow Nation and also to wish him well.
The lyrics also call on all South Africans to enter into a value system of tolerance and goodwill towards the people of our diverse and wonderful rainbow nation, and to hand these values down to our children.
Harrisberg says he has been fortunate to have received a great deal of interest in the project. Thembi Mtshali Jones, the lead singer of the song, is a well renowned South African actress and singer who sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Nelson Mandela at his 80th Birthday Party.
“I felt it would be wonderful for her to participate in this project as a line of continuity, and after I was introduced to her by close friend Marc Friedman in the music industry, she loved the idea of honouring Madiba,” says Harrisberg. “We also included a group of young singers and performers who represent the youth of our country and represent the future talent and leaders of our beautiful land.”
Thembi adds “it is a beautiful song that needs to be heard to uplift everyone's spirit.  Our country needs that right now. Once you have heard it, it rings in your ears for the longest time."
It is intended that a percentage of the revenue generated from the song will be donated to The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.
A clip of the Music Video will be screened prior to the movie “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom” at selected cinemas.
For enquiries kindly contact Liz on 021 423 2488 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The song and video is available to the media.
Dr Harrisberg can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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