The Power of Your Voice

In today’s society we need to communicate in a way that inspires confidence, credibility and conviction. The way in which you deliver your message rather than its actual content determines how people receive you and your spoken ideas. Delivering a point that is fully heard depends to a large extent on your vocal clarity, tone of voice, pace of speech, and how you organise your thoughts – these factors account for 38% of your communication message. The rest of your message is made up of image and body language (55%), and content (only 7%).
Voice, image and body language all combine to create credibility in the form of trustworthiness and expertise. Other people’s perception of your credibility is all-important to your success: without credibility, it is very difficult to make yourself heard. Your voice affects how seriously you are taken, how respected you are, and the results you achieve with clients, co-workers and people in business. Of course, it also affects the relationships in your personal life. It is a powerful tool that you can use deliberately to influence and persuade people.”

Excerpt From: Monique Rissen-Harrisberg. “Make Yourself Heard.” iBooks.

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