My Sincere Gratitude


I want to extend my sincere gratitude to you for your friendliness and kindness during the times I attended my one-one sessions with the facilitator. You have always been kind and very accommodating towards me with every session. A big thank you for being such an amazing person with a very warm personality. May you continue to be a worthy beneficiary of goodness and success into the future. Thank you very much Benji.

the facilitator

What can I say, the facilitator is one of a kind and she is so passionate about what she does. I thoroughly enjoyed every session and I left every time more inspired to achieve excellent results. the facilitator’s personal attention to detail and achieving the best results with each session was what inspired me to present my best. She was very patient with my bad habits and even given excellent exercise to overcome the bad habits. Her technique is very effective and I found the 10mins of silence during meditation very rewarding. The inspirational dvd was also a big hit and a amazingly so that you can actually see what the possibilities are out there.
I want to thank the facilitator from the bottom of my heart for every session and the manner in which she assisted me. I feel much more confident and I have exercises to help me deal with nervousness and “lazy talking”. the facilitator is an amazing teacher and I want you to know that she is a most valuable asset for your organisation. She gives 200%!!!
Thank you for this amazing learning experience Voice Clinic.!!
Sincerely Yours

Benji Norman

Old Mutual

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